What are some healthy eating ideas for Ginger?

For Headaches

One of my top healthy eating ideas each day is to add ginger in meals throughout the day.  Just how does ginger work?  Ginger works as an anti-inflammatory agent blocking prostagladins – the chemical messengers that cause a slight swelling in the brain.  If you have a headache you’ll be pleased to find that ginger tea reduces inflammation in about the same amount of time as an aspirin.  Drink a cup at the onset of your headache to stop pain in its tracks.  Ginger also helps to keep the stomach calm and appears to have an overall calming effect.  With these benefits it will stay among my healthy eating ideas.

Ginger Root

Packed with antioxidants

Ginger is packed with antioxidants; it has a whole range of health benefits and is perfect during the winter months. Ginger is a perfect addition when you have a cold cough, or even flu symptoms. Ginger helps to stall the onset or even helps when recovering from a cold. These reasons also makes keeping ginger in your diet as one of the healthy eating ideas.


Ginger and Food

Ginger goes very well with many different types of seafood, oranges, melon, pork, pumpkin and apples. And I love ginger chicken, so add it from time to time. When buying fresh ginger, look for a root with smooth, taut skin, it should have no wrinkles and has a spicy aroma.


Stimulates Digestion

A cup of hot water with thinly sliced or chopped ginger is an excellent way to stimulate digestion. Add a slice of lemon to make it even better.

Ginger contains a potent antioxidant, gingerol, this helps to cleanse the harmful chemicals our bodies produce when we are worried, and so ginger can help with psychological stress too.

Ginger tea is also great if you’re feeling a bit moody. It can help to give you a lift and change the pace of the day and even push away negative feelings. I find ginger tea or ginger in tea just an excellent to start each morning.



    1. Impedes Motion Sickness: Have a quick cup before traveling to keep the sickness and headaches at bay.
    2. Combats Stomach Discomfort: Great for digestion and aiding the absorption of food.
    3. Reduces Inflammation: Can ease joint inflammation and helps ease the joint soreness.
    4. Fights Common Respiratory Problems: Perfect for fighting off coughs and colds
    5. Encourages Normal Blood Circulation: Not only does the drink help blood flow, it can also stop excessive sweating and fever.
    6. Strengthens Immune System: Packed with antioxidants, it is a sure start to better health.
    7. Relieves Stress: Even one sniff of the drink can improve your mood, it calms.

You can find a recipe for the tea preparation if you click on this link for Ginger Tea.

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11 Replies to “What are some healthy eating ideas for Ginger?”

  1. Thank You

    Awesome facts about how ginger can improve our health, I do have inflammation problems and I try to eat as many anti-inflammatory foods I can.

    I will be adding ginger to my foods from now on, I don’t se fresh ginger in my stores I shop but I do see ginger in the spices and I will try that.

    1. Great idea. Try looking in the fresh vegetable area that’s where I usually find it. Thanks for comments and visiting my site. 

  2. Thank You

    I never knew ginger did so much for your health until reading your article today, I don’t see ginger in my local grocery store maybe I am looking in the wrong place?


  3. Hi! Thanks for this informative article on ginger.

    I love ginger! I drink ginger tea quite often in the winter, but I really love ginger beer in the summer. Dare I say I even found an alcoholic brand of ginger beer.

    I have never tried making my own ginger tea using fresh ginger before. I’ve always bought the tea bags, but using fresh ginger seems not only more aromatic, but flavorful.

    How much fresh ginger do you use per cup?

    1. I use maybe 2 thin slivers.   Try that to start.  If you really like ginger you can experiment to get it just the way you want it.    Thanks for dropping by. 

  4. Thanks for the reminder on how healthy ginger is for you! I personally love ginger – I can eat it raw without doing anything to it. I’ve recently been using ginger for dizziness and it helps tremendously. Within an hour, I can feel a difference. I also love eating ginger candies. They are great when I’m fighting a cold as I find they immediately soothe my sore throat.

    1. Thank you for the additional information.  Yes it is quite amazing I think.   Elsa,  I have also used it for sore throat and cold and it’s amazing how fast it works.   I have dared to eat it raw too. The candies are good.  

  5. Ginger is considered as medicinal in my country and I was looking if this can be considered as a treatment for heat boils or acne. I have recently developed them on my shoulders and have no idea what to do.
    Has anyone tried applying its juice on heat boils? Let me know if anyone has done it before.

    1. Hi Shrey, glad you stopped by.  Maybe someone has an answer.   It would be nice to know if ginger could help with acne or heat boils.   If someone knows please reply.   Thanks. 

  6. Someone presented me with a bag of dried ginger not too long and while I appreciate it, I am actually not a fan of its taste.

    But after reading the benefits of ginger tea on this post, I may give it a go. You see, I’ve been having this on-off headache for weeks and painkillers isn’t really working. So I guess I will try out this natural remedy instead.

    Will let you know how it goes.

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