Try adding these foods to your diet.

This short list of foods should leave you feeling light and help your digestive system run smoothly.

  1. Pears are a great source of fiber, which helps to soften and add weight to stool, moving it through the digestive tract.  Pears also contain sorbitol, a sugar that attracts water into the intestines, further softening your stool.
  2. Yogurt helps digestion, improves the immune system and fights off bacterial infections. Within our stomach lining is a healthy bacteria known as probiotics.  Yogurt is an excellent and delicious external probiotics source that aid in digestion and helps in keeping you regular. This is great for anytime of the day.  I’ve been known to eat it a few times a day.
  3. Ginger is part of the carminatives family; a group of herbs that helps to soothe the digestive track.  It can aid digestion as well as relieve upset stomach, nausea and vomiting.  I can’t say enough good things about ginger.  Other herbs in the carminative family include cinnamon, sage and thyme.

These should keep your stomach healthy and your appetite satisfied.  When these are added regularly there should be few problems.  And they taste good.  Ginger tea is a great addition to the diet as well.

Some just accept a sensitive stomach as par for the course.  But on my site you will see there really are some simple solutions to this problem.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing up what and when or how much we eat. I hope you’ll find a solution to your food sensitivities here. Please drop me a note below.

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  1. I enjoyed this visit to your website, very informative and well illustrated, it seems to be the website to visit when wanting info on healthy eating habits and recipes.

    Well done, keep up the excellent work

    All the best

  2. The best part about these 3 items is you can make a great meal together.


    • 2 cups plain, unsweetened homemade yogurt
    • 1 Tablespoon grated fresh ginger root
    • 4 teaspoons pure maple syrup #1
    • 2 cups diced pears
    • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
    • 1 teaspoon pure maple syrup #2
    • 0.5 teaspoons lemon juice
    • Optional toppings: chopped nuts, ground flaxseed, granola, etc.

    1. Thank you for such a great recipe.   I’m going to link back to it so it shows on the recipe page.   Then I will make this for myself sounds delicious. Have a wonderful day and thanks for visiting please visit again. 


  3. You have given some really good and yummy food ideas in your article. I love pears. I understand they come in many types? Which one do you recommend? Ginger tea also always help when we are feeling a bit bloaty. I like to mix it with honey so that it doesn’t taste overly spicy. Thanks for sharing these!

    1. Hi lilywong, thanks for your nice comments.  I like the Bartlett  pears, they’re green like the ones in the picture of the post.  Yes I agree with you about the honey in the ginger tea, it does seem to lessen the spicy bite.  I really like the spicy taste and also with the honey,  in winter the spice is really perfect on a chilly day.  

  4. I try to take warm Ginger with lemon every other day to clear up my digestion especially in the morning. The lemon is really refreshing and for taste, I usually add a bit of honey. This concoction works very well especially when I have a heavy dinner the night before OR when I anticipate an upset stomach coming its way.

    1. Hi Cathy, I so agree with your comments.  Lemon adds that extra freshness to an already delicate flavor.  And it works just as you describe.  I hope you really enjoy it across this cold winter we are having, it warms you from inside and chases the cold away.  It’s actually good if you have a sore throat.  The honey, lemon and ginger together soothes. 

  5. This is a great website to learn more about healthy eating!
    I’m just changing my eating habits to eat healthier and your articles are a great help for me to know more about how I can change some bad eating habits.
    These three foods sound great and they will make a wonderful dinner meal together!

    1. Thanks for this Alejandra.  Healthy eating is the best way to go.  Eating right improves your outlook and you just feel better.  Sometimes I will fluff off and eat sweets or junk foods (that happens when someone offers me something that looks so tasty and they go try this.  Often it will make me feel bad.) So stick to the healthy eating its just better all around.  These three foods are a great place to start.  Please do visit my site often. 

  6. Pears were my best fruit when growing up though they are seasonal in my area but to say the truth, i have never looked at their nutritional value before.
    This is very informative. I wanted to learn about more foods wish your article was a little longer. Nutrition should play a vital role in what we consume.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments.  I will revisit pears soon and publish more information about their benefits.  This article was just to help us see how eating these foods will make a nice addition when included regularly in our diets.  Next time I’ll focus on the benefits of pears and give it a space all its own.  I’m glad you enjoyed this article.  Come back and visit this site again. 

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