Salmon is rich in benefits, and so full of nutrients.

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Fish is the best food source of two omega-3 fatty  acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).  Salmon is rich in benefits of this type.  Salmon is one of the healthiest fish in the sea.

These omega-3s are linked to numerous health benefits. These two omega-3 fatty acids are found in the rich oils of Salmon.  The form of Omega-3s called DHA are absorbed easily and will keep your heart, brain and joints working well.  This is very nice.

These Omega-3 fatty acids are also linked to better memory and blood health. They’re heart healthy and may serve as an appetite suppressant.

Omega-3s make platelets in the blood less likely to stick together. This may reduce the inflammatory processes in blood vessels. This may also reduce blood clotting and therefore lessening the chances of a heart attack. This may also make the heart less susceptible to dangerous rhythm abnormalities.

The American Heart Association advises eating at least two servings of fish a week.  And encourages choosing fatty fish like salmon. With these types of benefits it’s a really good idea to include fish in our diets.

The nutritional value of salmon?

Wild caught Salmon has 500 mg of DHA per ounce.  Wild salmon may have fewer pollutants and antibiotics than the farmed salmon.  Salmon is also high in vitamin D, which is important for nutrient absorption.   It provides a really nice amount of nutrients.  Some of these nutrients are:

- niacin,
-vitamin B6,
-vitamin D,
-vitamin B12

It is best to buy Salmon the day you want to eat it.  If you buy it on a hot day,  its good to have it packed on ice this will keep it chilled until you get it home.

How do I choose the best Salmon?

It should be fresh and firm enough that it springs back when you gently press the rich pink flesh.  It should be translucent and moist.   There should be no liquid pooling around it.   It should not have a fishy smell.   Instead it should smell sweet.  Keep in mind that if its marked down its probably not so fresh.

If you cannot find fresh salmon, there are other options:

Frozen Salmon – if you choose to buy frozen salmon.  Buy a good quality frozen salmon and keep it frozen until you are ready to cook it.  If you buy it frozen, the package usually says to thaw it in the refrigerator.

Smoked Salmon – its better to buy this one at a seafood counter.  There are also some really great brands that are vacuum-sealed.  Make sure to buy this from a reputable store.

Canned Salmon – choose one that contains the soft edible bones. This one will provide a nice  amount of calcium.  Canned Salmon is really good to keep in your cabinet.  I keep a couple of cans, with no salt added on hand.  It is tasty and goes great in quick salads for lunch or a small snack mid-day  and on the weekend.

Types of Salmon:

1. Sockeye salmon – has a dark red flesh.  It is the best Salmon.  It has the best flavor.  This one is usually available in most markets.  It is sold fresh and is also canned.

2. Atlantic salmon, from the Atlantic waters. This appears to be available most of the time in the markets. It is also a good choice and tastes good.

3. Coho salmon (silver, medium-red) this one is found in the coastal waters of Alaska. This one is rich in flavor. It is also a good choice.

4. Chinook salmon (king, spring) this is found in the cold icy waters of the North Pacific. I like this one a lot.

5. Chum salmon, this one is lean and firm, coarse, has a pale flesh. This fish can usually be found in stores in the fall.

6. Pink salmon – This is the leanest salmon and is also from the pacific waters. It has a pink flesh.   Mostly canned.

How can I prepare it – you ask?

Salmon greens vegetables rice

Try grilling your salmon.  When grilled it is delicious, delicate  and moist.  It is very flavorful.   It only takes a few minutes to prepare.  So this makes for a fast easy delicious meal.

You can also bake it.  When baked it comes out delicately flaky and very tasteful.   It has a wonderful aroma when taken from the oven  It takes about 8 minutes total to bake.  Be careful of the portion size. Remember portion control is important.   Salmon is really delicious, I haven’t had one I didn’t like.

Want more flavor?

You can add a little wasabi to a salmon marinade.

 Did you know?

There are some other sources of Omega-3s:

An egg offers 75 – 150 mg.

Sardines offers 350 mg per ounce.


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  1. I wasn’t aware of the fact that salmon has so many nutrients. I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of fish myself but reading your article made me think about its many health benefits. The best thing is probably that it adds flavor to simple meals and is also easy to prepare. I’ll definitely give it a go. Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. I am glad you’re planning to try salmon.  I think you’ll come to appreciate its benefits and why its so recommended that we include it in our diets regularly.  Thanks for visiting my site.  Let me know what you think.

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