GINGER TEA, how do you make it?

Making Ginger Tea is quite easy.

Drinking Ginger tea is another healthy eating idea.  Here is a recipe.


Fresh Ginger

Lemon (optional)


Honey (optional)


Steep peeled fresh ginger in boiling water. This usually takes just a few minutes.    You can let it steep slowly or let the water reach the boiling point.  The aroma while it steeps is very calming and inviting.

Pour the brewed tea into your favorite cup.


Add honey (or your favorite sweetener, or just drink it plain)

You’ll enjoy this spicy tasty tea.  You’ll want to sip it slowly to start, it warms gently and kindly when sipped.  It has a bit of a kick depending on how long you steep it.  The effect is it calms and soothes the stomach.  I hope you like this.

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