Eating the Correct Portion Sizes, Why is this Important?

Portion size is probably as important as what you eat and its good to revisit this topic.  This is especially true when you are trying to prevent stomach aches.   Eating the correct portion sizes will also help to stabalize the ideal weight.  For me eating the correct portion sizes, are as important as what foods I eat.  A good example, I find that anytime I eat out, I bring home another meal.  And that’s okay because eating out is expensive,  getting another meal from leftovers is a good thing.  In my case, I also used to feel compelled to eat everything on my plate.  My mother made that a very important thing to do, when I was a child and it remains with me.  However she put the right portion on my plate.  So it was necessary for good health to eat everything on my plate at that time .


Size Matters

As an adult when eating out in restaurants, I’ve learned that my plate is the same size as that of anyone eating the same meal.  That detail is important because we are all different in size, tolerance and age.

Recommended Portion
Recommended Portion

So there you have just a few reasons our plates should likely be different in portion size.  We need to use good judgement when choosing how much too actually eat.  That means when eating out or when eating at home.  We should always make it a point to eat the correct portion sizes of vegetables and other items.  Otherwise we end up overeating and what do you think happens?  Likely we get a stomach ache.  And we may also gain unwanted weight.  And if you have a sensitive stomach that is even more of a problem.


So what do we do to learn healthy eating portion sizes?

So what are we to do?  It’s simple really, no one wants to make work out of eating.  So we have to learn what the proper portion is and make it a habit and then it becomes easier to do without much thought.  When that happens we start pushing back when we’ve had enough to eat.

Plate of vegetables
Vegetable wrap and salad

I work on that because I still have that instinct to eat everything on my plate, but when that happens I start feeling unwell and having stomach aches often.  Now that I know why, I get right back into the habit of eating the correct portion sizes for me.  Once you find what portions are right for you I know you’ll do that to.  Here are some hints on how to find healthy portion sizes for you.



  • Fresh, frozen (best),canned and dried
  • 5 servings per day




  • Fresh, frozen (best), frozen canned and dried
  • 4 servings per day


  • 1 medium whole fruit (best)
  • ½ cup cut up fruit (best)
  • ¼ cup 100% fruit juice
  • ¼ cup dried fruit



  • At least half should be whole grain/high in dietary fiber.
  • 6 servings per day


  • 1 slice of bread
  • 1 small tortilla
  • 1 cup ready to eat cereal flakes
  • ½ cup cooked rice, pasta, or cereal
  • ½ cup of popped popcorn



  • Fat free and Low fat
  • 3 servings per day


  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup yogurt
  • 1.5 oz of cheese


Poultry, meat and eggs

  • Lean and extra lean; skin and (visible fat removed)
  • 8-9 servings per week


  • 3 oz cooked meat or poultry
  • 1 egg or 2 egg whites


Fish and other seafood

  • Preferably oily fish that provide omega-3 fatty acids
  • 2-3 servings per week


  • 3 oz cooked fish or seafood


Nuts, seeds, beans and legumes

  • 5 servings per week


  • Tbsp peanut butter
  • 2 Tbsp or ½ oz of nuts or seeds
  • ¼ cup cooked beans or peas


Fats and oils

  • Preferably unsaturated
  • 3 servings per day


  • 1 Tbsp vegetable oil ( best, olive safflower)
  • 1 Tbsp soft margarine
  • 1 Tbsp low fat mayonnaise
  • 1 Tbsp light salad dressing


Did you know?

  • Overeating can lead to weight gain
  • Overeating alters your blood sugar levels
  • Affects your mood makes you sluggish.

Let me know what you think.   Please comment below.


12 Replies to “Eating the Correct Portion Sizes, Why is this Important?”

  1. Hi Janine, thanks for this info, I know we are supposed to have the correct portion size but was never aware it is actually meant to be individual not standard. Ps you are right about the bringing home food when eating out! Thanks for the great info!

  2. You are welcome Vicky thanks for stopping by my site, yes I love getting an extra meal after a great meal out. Learning proper portion size was new to me too but it makes sense doesn’t it. I hope you visit my page often.

  3. Hi thanks for this. I like what you laid out (except the dairy and meat) and think that portion sizes are very important to consider. I am one that does not like to waste food either but know that when I eat out it is best to take food home rather than stuff myself and overeat. Thanks loads for sharing this with us!

  4. When it comes to eating out, if you know the portions are big because the restaurant meals are big, do you make it a point to take home the food and still eat the correct portion size even if you can finish it on the spot?

    I’d figure staying disciplined especially when I am active would be a tough thing to do.

    1. Thanks for visiting my site.  I find I just feel better so yes even after I get home I try to eat proper portions for me.   Especially when busy I try to keep good habits that’s usually a challenge but I do anyway. It is tough but can be done.

  5. Great post, Mbstory.

    This is an excellent way to approach eating. I like the way you breakdown the various food groups.

    Very large portions of food are the main cause of obesity. Some people eat more at one meal sitting than other more healthy individuals will eat in two days.

    Overeating causes obesity, upset stomach, and sluggishness.

    What food group is the biggest culprit for an upset stomach?
    Which food group is the easiest on the stomach?


    1. I agree overeating is not a good idea.  People are different so foods affect us differently.  My biggest challenges are dairy and some greens but I find ways around that.  Ginger helps in this area.   And making sure you drink water at meals.   Fruits seem the easiest food group for me.   Thanks for visiting my site.   Please come again. 


  6. I am actually on a vacation right now and it’s my 5th day so far. There’s a conference going on and needless to say, the food they serve is superb.

    So I’ve been chomping down steaks, salmon, coffee and wine. This morning I woke up feeling really sluggish with pain on my neck and shoulder.

    I think I am just going to have salad for today. Thanks for reminding me through this article.

    1. Hi Cathy thanks for your visit.  I’m so glad this article helped you out.  I think sometimes it all looks so good but we usually don’t feel well when we forget the everything in moderation point.   I think the salad will treat you well.  It’ll give you more energy. 

  7. Hello Janine,

    I absolutely agree with you about portion size. Too much is not good for you.

    I am a type 2 diabetic and I have adopted a Low carb high fat type diet. I have quit sugar and only consume whole unprocessed natural foods.

    Butter, cheese, eggs, vegetables, beef, pork, chicken and fish are the main parts of my diet.

    I like to eat in as much as possible because I do not know what chefs add to foods.

    Thanks for making us aware.

    1. Thank you for your comments I appreciate them.  Like you, I like as much whole unprocessed natural foods as I can get.  Its just better for us.  That way you’ll know what you’ve put on your plate. 

      I’m pretty choosy about where I eat, when I eat out because of that.  There are some really nice places that do choose their ingredients carefully and I appreciate those places.  Thank you for stopping on my page, please visit again. 


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