Cold and Flu, 12 Tips to stay healthy and to avoid a cold.

Have you been feeling under the weather lately?

It is cold and flu season and I’ve noticed a lot of people coughing, sniffling.  Or just walking around sick.  Because I want to make sure I don’t get a cold or the flu. I’m taking a few extra precautions. Here are some helpful hints that have worked for me each year in staying healthy during cold and flu season.

1. Wash your hands often especially during the winter season. And when you see others around you sick and sneezing and coughing or just sniffling. Wash your hands even more often.  This helps to get rid of germs that linger on door knobs and other items we touch.

2. Avoid touching your face with your hands.

3. Drink lots of fluids especially  water.

4. Add lemons and oranges to your grocery cart often.  Keep these in the house and do EAT them when you are snacking. The citrus and vitamin

Lemon and Oranges citrus
Lemon, Oranges

C are a must to keep your defenses up. Research shows vitamin C has a lot of cold fighting powers. I have found eating citrus helps stops the sniffles if they start.

5. Drink ginger tea often. This relieves the congestion, clears the sinuses, just makes you feel better. Keeps you hydrated and the honey soothes your throat. The tea also has the benefits of antioxidants.

6. Add lemon and honey to your tea.

7. Add some Zinc .

8. Chicken soup, have some often during cold and flu season.  This seems to be very effective, it makes you feel warm and quiets your agitation when you are feeling run down and tired. I will usually keep this on hand or make some if needed.

9. Add some Echinacea or drink some echinacea tea. This boosts your immune system. Drink this before and definitely when you start feeling tired, as if you are getting sick.

Baby sleeping
Sleeping baby

10. Get plenty of sleep, a rested body is really the best defense aganist the cold and flu. A rested body can direct its energy to fighting off germs and handle the onslaught of the cold frigid winter season.

11. If you see you are getting sick, see your doctor.

12. Keep menthol ointment (use as directed) on hand for your nose in case you get the sniffles. It will keep your nose from getting so sore, also vaseline will help with that.

Other helps:
-Salt Water gargle, helps should you get a sore throat. Simply mix a teaspoon in warm water and gargle when your throat feels scratchy about 4 times daily.

Take care of your health. I hope this informatioin helps some.

Thanks for reading and please leave comments below.

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