Do you need help with menus or meal preparation?


Are you looking for a way to develop better eating habits?  Do you want help in making your meals really count nutritiously?  If you do you may want to try Balance by bistroMD.

Balance by bistroMD can help.  Balance by bistroMD has a great idea.  That is, to help with the decision making phase in meal planning, to help you decide on whats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Balance by bistroMD feels that balance is a way of life.  The food is fresh and thoughtfully prepared in small batches.

Compare a meal from  Balance by bistroMD  with the time it takes to drive to the grocery store.  Then the time it takes to choose your items.  Return home and prepare it all.



To eat well, it can take a lot of time to plan and prepare.  And then you have to clean the dishes too.  Balance by bistroMD takes care of all that for you.  They serve real food, carefully crafted to assure your body gets what it needs to support your lifestyle.  Now that’s something to like.  They handle the planning, grocery shopping, cooking and they deliver it right to your door.  So you can get some of your time back.


  • Snacks (healthy snacks on hand for hectic schedules)
  • Specialty Diets
  • Gluten free options
  • Dairy free options ( this is great for sensitive stomachs)


When you are on the site, if you should require help ordering, a chat box will pop up within moments of your landing on their site.

Plans:  You have complete control,

There are no minimum’s, no memberships. Balance by bistroMD is the first meal delivery service to offer chef-prepared meals a-la-carte, without the constraint of minimums, memberships, or recurring orders.  That is refreshing.

Reviews:  5 stars

Balance bistro review


Balance by BistroMD offers U.S. shipping nationwide to contiguous states.  Food is delivered frozen, ready to eat in 6 minutes or less.  Customer Service is located in the united States.

Give Balance by bistroMD  a try.

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Tea – is there a difference, between the “breakfast blend” and an “afternoon blend?”


The relative strength of the tea is the determining factor for the resulting blend.

Tea cup
Cup of Tea

Breakfast blends tend to be much stronger with deeper darker warmth and inviting tones.  The breakfast blends tend to be more aromatic and inviting.  And of course the more aromatic in the mornings the better.  In addition, this blend provides that jolt of caffeine we sometimes look for in the mornings.


These are usually a blend of Assam and Ceylon teas.   If you like milk, and\or sugar in your tea, these go well with milk and sugar.   Tea tends to taste good and smooth alone with no sweetener.   Or if you decide to add a sweetener honey is usually the best choice.  If you like a little cream or milk, it’s nice that way too.  I like just a little honey.  But I do drink it with a little cream and honey sometimes too.



On the other hand the afternoon blends tend to be lighter and are usually a blend of Ceylon and Darjeeling, (mm Darjeeling, it has a special touch).  The delicate flavor of this blend is a perfect accompaniment to delicate finger sandwiches, scones or lightly flavored cookies!  Enjoy your adventure with both of these.  Remember if you are sensitive to caffeine, decaf tea is an option and it tastes just as good. 

Pot of tea
Tea and tea pot


I start each morning with a cup of tea.  It’s just so nice and doesn’t leave me nervous as coffee sometimes does.   I simply take one of my favorite go to, sometimes its the Earl Grey with Bergamot.  One of the benefits of a  cup of tea is that its easy to control the strength of a nice cup prepared just for you.  I’ve learned just how strong I like tea.  And that affects the caffeine level suited just for me.  I’ll bring a fresh pot of water just to a boil.  Then carefully pour it directly into my favorite cup, with the tea bag already waiting there or a teaspoon of tea leaves (preferred.)  The tea bag is great for the morning rush I sometimes get into.  (A good quality tea bag works just fine. When not rushed definitely the fresh tea leaves are best.)  And then I  add a teaspoon of honey.  That for me is just perfect.  If you are not a tea drinker you might be surprised at what a difference a nice hot cup of tea can make. It can  ease you into the start of a brand new day.


  • There are over 3000 varieties of tea grown worldwide, they all come from the same type of plant called Camellia sinensis, an evergreen shrub native to East and South Asia.
  • Tea has been consumed for thousand of years in Asia.
  • Tea has long been associated with many health benefits.
  • Green Tea is minimally processed, the leaves are steamed rolled and dried.
  • Black Tea is withered rolled or crushed and then fermented before being dried this makes it black and  stronger in taste.
  • Oolong tea is partly fermented.


White tea buds
Tea buds
  • White tea is harvested in early spring; the young leaves and silvery white buds are just steamed and dried.
  • Tea averages about 40 milligrams of caffeine per six-ounce cup (versus 100 milligrams in coffee,) depending on the type and brewing times and other factors.  Black tea tends to have more caffeine than green tea.  You can also find tea that is decaffeinated.
  • Each type of tea has a certain flavor characteristic associated with the variety and also the soil and climate it is grown in.

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Breville USA BKE595XL Electric Kettle Review – making your own tea has benefits?

Electric Glass Kettle

This Breville Electric Kettle can add to the benefits of making  a routine cup of tea.  What are those benefits?

Electric Glass Kettle
Breville Electric Glass Kettle

Tea adds a relaxing element to your day and it’s fun to watch the water come to a boil.  This adds to the anticipation of that first cup of piping hot tea.  So why not make your own tea just the way you like it.  Enjoy the process making your own tea.  This can truly be quite satisfying.  The aroma in the air as it brews is just wonderful.


The Breville Electic Kettle is great for making a daily cup of tea.  This tea kettle has a clean look.  I like that the kettle is made of glass.  I like watching the water come to a boil.  And all of the parts that come in contact with the with the water are BPA free.

Features of the Kettle :

Electric Kettle
Breville Electric Kettle
  • German Schott Glass
  • Soft opening lid slowly releases steam and prevents splashing
  • Ergonomic handle with lid release button
  • BPA Free – all parts in contact with water
  • Safety Auto Shut-Off and Boil Dry Protection

Rating:  3.8 of 5 stars

The reviews reveal some of the results I would like to see for this Kettle.  The ability to get the cord well out of the way is certainly a plus.  And the soft opening lid is another plus it keeps you from getting that rush of steam that usually comes from a boiled pot.  So you are saving energy because its not escaping unnecessarily.

breville kettle review
Breville kettle review

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COSORI 1500 Watt Professional Blender

This Cosori 1500 Watt Professional Blender is a heavy duty food processor.  You can use this for blending shakes, smoothies and more.  Its rugged and gets the job done quickly.   I like the idea of this blender it eliminates the need for many kitchen tools.

COSORI 1500 Watt Professional Blender

COSORI 1500 Watt Professional Blender


  • Variable Speeds,
  • Commercial High Powered Kitchen Ice & Juicer Blenders for Shakes and Smoothies
  • Heavy Duty Food Processor Mixer Maker
  • 64-ounce BPA-Free Pitcher

Average customer rank.  4/5

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