Hi everyone,  I am Janine and my mission has always been eat well and feel well.  When we eat healthy foods we are usually well and we naturally feel well. We are happier, we smile more.  When we smile more people around us give that back.

I am probably one of the pickest eaters on the planet.   This is necessary for some of us.  Some of us simply have a sensitive stomach.  And I have found that eating well  and eating the right foods – can be the solution.  And it just makes sense.

Getting plenty of sunshine, enjoying good friends, taking time to watch the birds and enjoying a beautiful sunrise or sunset.  Things like these go along with eating the right foods – for us.  When this is done it simply helps to make for a good healthy lifestyle which usually improves our outlook.  That’s a good thing.

I hope you’ll find solutions for yourself here.    Thank you for visiting my website.   Please visit often.

Email: janine@healthyeatingwithjanine.com



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  1. Great information. I have use herbs and spices for many years now for medicine and to just stay healthy.
    Your site is full of great information.
    Thank You for sharing this with the world.
    I feel every one needs to take care of their bodies a little more then what they do. Our bodies will be with us for our whole life… we need to take care of it.

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